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It ends in blood, as it began.

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Arianne Appreciation Week: [Day 4] Favorite Relationship →  The Sand Snakes
∟ Arianne went to each of them in turn, took their hands, kissed them lightly on the lips. “Obara, so fierce. Nymeria, my sister. Tyene, sweetling. I love you all. The sun of Dorne goes with you.” “Unbowed, unbent, unbroken,” the Sand Snakes said, together.

"My sisters and I shall not wait ten and seven years for our vengeance."

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❝ He turned toward the wood, and there he came, padding silently out of the green dusk, the breath coming warm and white from his open jaws. “Ghost!” he shouted, and the direwolf broke into a run. […] When he reached Jon he leapt, and they wrestled amidst brown grass and long shadows as the stars came out above them. "Gods, wolf, where have you been?" Jon said when Ghost stopped worrying at his forearm. I thought you’d died on me, like Robb […] and all the rest. I’ve had no sense of you, not since I climbed the Wall, not even in dreams.❞

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fetch-me-a-block asked Tyrell siblings or Sand Snakes?

'…chasing after something she can never catch'  (Obara)
'…no less deadly, though she kept her knives well hidden' (Lady Nym)
…so sweet and gentle that no man will suspect her.’  (Tyene)
'…leave her to her… game'  (Sarella)
'…Ellaria and her daughters are happily ensconced at the Water Gardens. Dorea stalks about knocking oranges off the trees with her morningstar, and Elia and Obella have become the terror of the pools.' (The little ones)

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